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The Postcard Hotel

Typology:  Hospitality                  Location:  Moira & Cuelim , Goa

Year of completion:  2018              Size:  9000 sq.ft & 13,000 sq.ft

Project done for Architecture Discipline by Principal Designer Ritu Sharma


The Postcard Moira - The first one in a series of luxury boutique hotels, was a nine room property of the carefully restored 214 year old ancestral home, promise modernity and an unmistakable Goan spirit in equal measure, in Moira. Keeping the Goan spirit of the property intact, everything from the brass fitments in the bathrooms, statements lamps, the colors to the specially developed four-poster bed , were designed to seamlessly merge with the pre-existing home. Emphasis was given on adding modern comforts, bringing in more light and curated accents, while preserving the ambience of the property. 

The Postcard Cuelim, this historic site is  home to a six- room hotel overlooking 3500 acres of lush green paddy fields. Keeping the heritage of the property intact, everything from the drapes to the four-poster beds , were designed to seamlessly merge into the Portuguese way of life. The centre piece is a 350 year old chapel housed inside the premises from which the hotel takes on its historical and architectural significance. 

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