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OYO Townhouse

Typology:  Hospitality                  Location:   Pan India

Year of completion:  2017              Size:  Dynamic

The first Townhouse was launched in Gurgaon (OTH 001) , designed by Principal Designer Ritu Sharma & Amit Didwania. They went on to design the next 25 properties in coordination with the OYO transformation team . The normal conventions of the hospitality industry were discarded and developed a new design from scratch. While designing the space every element was looked at – right from The façade and signage to custom designed furniture, color story, material palette, were re-designed to deliver higher quality and better value.  Every location was carefully  remodeled to fit  into the 'Townhouse' model, so that they complemented the neighborhood. Replacing of heavy wood, rich colors and over the top interiors,  the Townhouse was designed to be functional first and a clean - minimal space.  Comfort, efficiency, convenience and affordability were on the forefront while designing this Iconic hotel chain. Unlike the usual approach of traditional hotel chains, every Townhouse is visualized to complement its neighborhood. Color was used in an effective manner to re-enforce the brand identity and tie into the new design narrative. 

OYO Townhouse became an iconic standard for the new age hotels in India, and  OYO's global teams carried out fast and  high-quality expansion of the Townhouse brand into international markets such as the UK & China. Since the launch of the first Townhouse hotel, OYO had raised more than $ 1 Billion from investors of funding  for the expansion and growth of its business at a Pan-India & International Level. 

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