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The Luxury Suites, Oberoi - New Delhi

Typology:  Hospitality                  Location:  New Delhi

Year of completion:  2018              Size:  6,000 sq.ft

Project done for Architecture Discipline by Principal Designer Ritu Sharma

Twelve Suites were re-designed to match the upgraded aesthetics of the re opened iconic hotel. The themes chosen were ‘Victorian’ and ‘Art Deco’ – that resonate with the overall modernist expression of the hotel. The outcome of the entire process was the artisanal quality achieved while ensuring that the suites complement the Lutyens-esque architecture of the rest of the hotel. 

The 'Victorian' suites embody the design details of the British colonial era, with intricately detailed lights, the colour palette of soft blues, customed developed furniture & the jacquard fabric panels. Attention to even the smallest details all come together to create a the an ornamental and lavish style that represented high status during the Victorian era.

The 'Art Deco' draw on the striking characteristics of the Art Deco period,  bold colour use, fluid embroidered drapes, and symmetrical motifs, patterns all seamlessly blend together to emphasize the charm of a bygone era. The smallest detail from the curtain -tie backs to the carpets and even the art was carefully curated to represent a modern version that fit into the narrative of an upgraded Oberoi, New delhi.

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