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Unfold Furniture Collection

amrich: LIFE x Ritu Sharma

A collaboration between Amit Vijaya - Richard Pandav of Amrich: LIFE & our Principal Designer Ritu Sharma,  gave birth to a slow a conceptual furniture collection - UNFOLD, which was developed over a period of 2 years in-depth research. UNFOLD by the characteristic of its amalgamation of two diverse traditional practices – the art of resist dyeing and the craft of woodworking, and primarily about rethinking the way wastage can be re-used in the modern furniture industry.

Contemporary design demands the ideas that involve making the best use of material resources, thus reducing the input of new raw materials and re-purposing of waste that may be necessary. Keeping this as the basic idea, the process started with experimentation on waste veneer sourced from various workshops, and different techniques to breathe new life into this discarded material. 

While working with Itajime Shibori, as the imprint of the technique left behind on the boards that are used in the dyeing process was noticed, and sparked the idea to explore the possibilities of this techniques application on a solid material like wood. Sampling and exploration was undertaken on different types of wood veneers that we could find, and with each type there was better understanding about the way in which the dyes interacted with the material.

This skilled manipulation of material was applied to furniture, which was engineered to fit production practices. A singular visual language with a strong contrast was deliberately decided on, to create statement - pieces. 


EDIDA 2021 - Finalist Furniture & Seating Design : in collaboration with amrich:LIFE 

IBDA 2022 -  UNFOLD Furniture Collection: in collaboration with amrich:LIFE 

IBDA UNFOLD_edited.jpg

Kenji Bench


Inku Center Table


Suki Side Table


Nori Console


Suki Side Table


Kenji Bench

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