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Your Space Student Living

Typology:  Hospitality                  Location:   Pan India

Year of completion:  2021              Size:  Dynamic

When a premier student housing brand- Your-Space contacted us, we were all excited, as well as curious to see what all it entails. The task- to redefine student living in India through a definitive design language, facilities and services seemed simple to begin with, but also had a lot to unpack once we started researching and comparing Indian student living to what is offered internationally. A sincere effort was required to address the needs of every student, keeping local and cultural demands in mind and finding unique solutions to make the most trusted hostel for young adults who study away from home. The end result would have to be a reliable student living solution, which provides a safe and secure environment for all, setting the Your-Space brand apart.

The brand standards from the signage to the interiors were implemented Pan-India, working with Yours Space teams to ensure quick and high-quality expansion of student living across the country in a phase wise system. This reinvention has resulted in a new kind of hostel that is optimized for comfort, efficiency, convenience and affordability – making it a productive and secure student space.  Since we started the project, Your-Space has raised $10 million + (around Rs 75 crore +) from investors for the expansion and growth of its business at a Pan-India Level.  


Colour is one of the key factors to act as a differentiator and set any brand apart. Our first order of business was naturally, to find that unique and welcoming colour story.

Orange, Teal Blue, Powder blue and White were chosen as the main colours and we were set to play within this story to create an impact.

From here began the journey of stripping down the comfortable student living space to its essentials and developed a design language and customer experience from scratch. Every element – from furniture ergonomics to the entrance experience was re-engineered to deliver higher quality and better value.


Custome designed wallpaper
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