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OxfordCaps Student Living

Typology:  Hospitality                  Location:   Pan India

Year of completion:  2019              Size:  Dynamic

This was the first student living project that was designed by Principal Designer Ritu Sharma. The task- to redefine student living in India through a definitive design language, facilities and services seemed simple to begin with, but also had a lot to unpack once we started researching and comparing Indian student living to what is offered internationally. The brand standards from the signage to the interiors were implemented Pan-India, working with Yours Space teams to ensure quick and high-quality expansion of student living across the country in a phase wise system.

The Room is a personal haven for students  in a hostel. Here’s where they can focus, relax and feel at home. In-depth interviews with students from across the country, to get an insight of their most intricate requirements were conducted. These requirements were taken into consideration while designing the space, in the form of a wall-mounted bed side table, charging points, dedicated study space and bed were designed specifically to fit the space, up-lift it and also provide a dedicated a room that each student could personalize further.

Since we completed the design, OxfordCaps  had raised $8 million from investors in the first round of funding and were in the process of raising $40 million, for the expansion and growth of its business at a Pan-India Level.  

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