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Vana Home

Typology:  Residential                    Location:   Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Year of completion:  2022              Size:  3000 sqft

Nestled in the quiet residential neighborhood of Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, this residence features a contemporary classic interior with an Indian touch. Covering 3,000 sqft, the home is meant to be an oasis of calm in an urban setting and has been re-designed in period of 8 months, to create a tranquil, relaxing space for the clients. Home to three generations, including a young couple and their growing family, presented an opportunity to create a residence that is diverse in use and yet unified in spirit.

Keeping in mind the studio’s philosophy of reducing waste and re-use, some of the original solid wood carved furniture, the Tanjore paintings, and other elements were conserved and upcycled to fit into the new narrative of the home, adding a unique character to the residence through its woodwork and overall styling.

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