Chaand Bagh, Chattarpur

Interior Design I Residential

Client : Casa Paradox

Photography : Deepak Aggarwal

Chaand Bagh, spread out in 2.5 acres and taking 18 months to complete, the project's main objectives were to give the grandest experience while keeping the site in mind. Inspired by palaces and Indo-saracenic elements, the entire complex has a symmetrical layout and an absolute orientation to the North-south axis.

The total covered area is 30000 sqft. Motifs adapted from diverse references, from Shah Jahan's wine cup, to the swirl of dancing girls embellished skirts, the flora at the Taj Mahal, the love birds from paradise gardens. Have all been interpreted with an understanding and sensitivity for their origin. The use of a largely consistent tessellated “JAALI” pattern is deployed as screens, stucco, inlay etching and engraving. Thereby playing with the senses, absorbing, permeating, perforating, withholding and releasing – LIGHT AND SIGHT!

This project was done under the guidance of Ms Raseel Gujral